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The Spinning Spoke Bike Share

Every kid deserves a bike, right?  It's the ultimate kid-experience!

Just drop your gently-used bike 'as-is' at The Spinning Spoke bike shop in Downtown Florence.  Their highly skilled team will fix it up and make sure its at tip top performance and ready for its new life in Haiti.  Approximately every 3 months, The 610 team will gather up the bikes and ship them down to Croix des Bouquets, Haiti, gifting the like-new wheels to students of HAC's Ecole Shalom, orphanages, and neighboring schools.


'From the Attic to the island' Music Program

After 4 years of student population growth and development, HAC is ready to add music education to their core curriculum. As music lovers and believers in the power of music education to a child's development, we want to make that possible by finding musical instruments, supplies, and sheet music for Ecole Shalom's very first Concert Band.

We are incredibly excited to be partnering with Austin-based Horns In the Attic to make this Concert Band dream a reality for the students of E'cole Shalom. Have instruments or supplies you'd like to donate*? Let us know by emailing our team at!


So far 11 instruments have been donated! Here's what remains of what we're looking for:

2 trumpets

3 trombones

3 French horns

2 baritones / euphoniums

2 tubas

7 clarinets

3 flutes

1 alto saxes

2 tenor saxes

1 Bari sax

1 piccolo

2 snare drums

1 bass drum

2 pianos

2 acoustic guitars


*All donations are tax-deductible


Balfour Yearbook Project

The 610 Project recently partnered with Balfour Yearbooks and a team of volunteer photographers to offer students of HAC-Haiti their first yearbook experience. Aside from being super fun, this project also offers students on the yearbook staff the chance to gain experience in photography, editing, writing, and technology.




If you would like to donate to any of The 610 Project programs, fill out the form below and someone from our team will be in touch. 

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