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Hurricane Matthew RElief

Five days after Hurricane Matthew ravaged Haiti’s Southern coast, The 610 Project and our partner, The Haitian American Caucus, were on the ground providing immediate relief aid to storm victims. The combined effort of our organizations provided over 10,000 meals and 200 pounds of relief supplies to the people of Les Cayes and Port Salut.

Our grassroots effort was the first organized relief many Haitians had received. 

The South now faces many challenges. Immediate needs of clean water, food, and shelter are subsiding, but the long term effects of the storm will be felt for a long while to come, both in the South and throughout the entire country. Because of our existing ties to Les Cayes, The 610 Project and Haitian American Caucus are now focusing our efforts in that community to invest in the rebuilding of the community.

Your tax deductible financial donations grant us the ability to purchase much-needed supplies in Haiti. Equally important, your donations will aid us in the replanting of vital crops and the building of a new school and community outreach center to rebuild a devastated community.


Provides one 50-lb bag of rice for storm victims

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Repairs a family’s home (roof and walls, and cleanup assistance).

HMR 4.jpg


Provides one 50-lb bag of rice and one 50-lb bag of beans.


Invest in sustainable agricultural development.

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Provides a food bundle to feed a family of 5 for a month


Invest in the construction of  school and community center.