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Our Mission

to break the cycle of poverty Through Education and empowerment.


The 610 Project's work is two-fold and in two locations, focusing on education and sustainable community development in the communities of Croix des Bouquets and Les Cayes, Haiti. 

In both communities, we work closely with our Haitian partners and friends, Haitian American Caucus-Haiti.

In Croix des Bouquets, our work supports students, operations, and education initiatives at an existing school of over 450 students, Ecole Shalom. 

In Les Cayes our mission is to build a school that will educate 250 students annually and serve as a microenterprise and vocational training center for adults. 


The 610 Project is a grassroots organization rooted in the belief that education is key in breaking the vicious cycle of poverty. Our work is dedicated to empowering the Haitian people through education, vocational training, and micro enterprise development. We work to empower healthy, self-sustaining communities in Haiti.



Our Dream Defined

  • Community.  We believe in the power of community; both our own in The Shoals, and the Haitian communities we aim to sustainably affect.  It's our belief that even in unifying to serve others, our own communities will experience transformation.


  • Empowerment.  Just as people throughout our own lives have empowered us to be successful, so The 610 Project team seeks to walk alongside the Haitian people, empowering them to within their own futures, communities, and country.
  • Partnership. For us, it’s about "doing life" together, which is why our team has pledged its support to Haitian American Caucus (HAC) to help expand HAC's community development efforts to from Croix des Bouquets into Les Cayes in Southern Haiti.


  • Education.  We firmly believe education is key to the success of Haiti's future generations.  Education, vocational training, and microenterprise are all part of The 610 Project and HAC's future work in the Les Cayes community.

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The 610 Project is a 501(c)3  /  EIN 47-4524344  /  Working in Love from Sweet Home Alabama