From the Attic to the Island

Because Music Education Should Be for All.


Music Education is a proven powerful tool in the student development. Serving not only cognitive development, but also to complex problem solving and social interaction, music also is a fun outlet of creativity that students worldwide benefit from daily. When one excels at music, he or she is also given the opportunity to earn scholarships for higher education later in life. 

So it’s in this spirit that we are launching music education to our students at Haitian American Caucus in Croix de Bouquets with the campus’s first beginning band!

Thanks to the Florence Rotary Club, Counts Brothers Music, and Alabama Music, in Florence, AL, Alfred Music in _____, and Muzack in Los Angeles, all instruments and method books have been collected for the concert band.  

In January 2019 a team of music educators will be traveling to Haiti to conduct the students’ first band camp and equip the students with basic instrument skills.


Music For All Our founder jamming with students on a recent trip.