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Course I  •  Jeff eubanks

Smoked Chicken Terrine  •  Merguez Sausage •  Duck Prosciutto • Candied Pork Belly


Course II  •  Sam browning

Lobster Vichyssoise
Charred Scallion Oil •  Chardonnay-Poached Lobster Salad


Course III  •  josh quick

Gulf Fish Crudo
Sweet Potato Puree • Aji Amarillo • Hibiscus Leche de Tigre • 
Pickled Onions • Avocado • Cancha


Course IV  •  John Cartwright

Asparagus Nest
Romesco • Soft Cooked Egg • Toasted Benne Seed


Course V  •  kyle odgen

Duo of Pork
Smoked Belly • Roasted Tenderloin • Bourbon Demi • 
Potato Puree • Bread and Butter Chow Chow


Course VI  •  alan phillips

Smoked Sabayon • Tropical Fruits • Whipped Cream • 
Passion Fruit Gels • Broken Coconut Tuile Cookie